Our Properties

1010 S Windsor

Acq. Date: March 2024  •  Location: Salt Lake City, UT (9th & 9th)  •  Size: 4 Units, 3,744 SF

303 Sheila Lane

Acq. Date: April 2022  •  Location: Santa Maria, CA  •  Size: 4 Units, 3,685 SF

Investment Summary: In April 2022, Jupiter Park Group completed the acquisition of 303 Sheila Lane, located in Santa Maria, CA. The property is comprised of four units, each featuring two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms.

Santa Maria is a robust agricultural hub, and this property provides attainable rental housing to members of the local workforce. Recognizing the potential to enhance the resident experience and improve the property’s performance, JPG undertook significant improvements upon acquisition.

The property suffered from substantial deferred maintenance, and many units maintained original finishes. Since acquisition, Jupiter Park Group has executed a comprehensive improvement plan, including new landscaping, exterior paint, fencing, and a new roof. These enhancements have significantly elevated the resident experience and the overall appeal of the property.

The acquisition strategy identified that in-place rents were approximately 60% of the market rate. Strategic investments in the property have resulted in a 67% increase in rents. JPG now plans to hold the property and maintain it in a best-in-class manner, ensuring reliable cash flow for investors and providing a quality living environment for residents.